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This range of accessory mounting options, including Flat Mount, Pipe Mount (2”) and Pipe Mount (2.5”) brackets, allows you to mount the Fusion XS Series 6.5” Wake Tower Speakers on board your boat with versatility and ease. 

Quick and simple to install.

The Pipe Mount brackets are user-adjustable to fit different wake tower bar diameters.

Hardware is UV stable and salt fog resistant to last on board.

Precisely calculated enclosure specifically optimized for wake boat applications.


Physical Dimensions2.5" Mount (Width x Minimum Height x Depth): 3.94" x 3.70" x 1.87" (100 x 94 x 47.5 mm)
2" Mount (Width x Minimum Height x Depth): 3.35" x 2.91" x 1.89" (85 x 74 x 48 mm)
Flat Mount (Width x Height x Depth): 3.54" x 2.91" x 1.89" (90 x 74 x 48 mm)
MaterialsAluminum alloy
Supported wake tower bar sizes2.5" Pipe Mount: Ø 2" to 2.5" (Ø 50.8 to 63.5 mm; user adjustable)
2" Pipe Mount: Ø 1.31" to 2" (Ø 33.4 to 50.8 mm; user adjustable)
Warranty1 year

Fusion XS Series Wake Tower Mounting Brackets 2.5" Pipe Mount Bracket

SKU: 010-13101-00