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วิทยุสื่อสารทางเรือ แบบมือถือ Marine Band

6 Watt VHF with Float'n Flash and 12 Hours of Operation


Easy operation with easy-to-grip body and large buttons

The IC-M37 has a slim-designed body and big buttons, allowing for easy operation even while wearing gloves during fishing or sailing. This enables quick replies to calls. Additionally, the IC-M37 provides instant access to channel 16, as well as the Call channel.


Loud Audio Output

The IC-M37 provides a powerful 700 mW (typical) audio output. Received voice can be heard loud and clear. It helps you to hear calls even in noisy onboard environments.


Float'n Flash™ Function

If you accidentally drop the IC-M37 into the water, it will float, flash and sound an alarm. The buoyancy, the flashing light, and the sound reduce the risk of loss at sea even at night.


Additional features

  • Low Battery Alert function notifies you of low battery level
  • Voice Loud and Mute function enables to temporary maximize/mute the volume
  • Channel history function stores the last five channels used for easy recall
  • Various Scan functions (normal/priority)
  • Favorite Channel function
  • BP-296 user replaceable Li-ion battery pack supplied
  • Weather channels with Weather Alert function
  • Lock function
  • Power Save function
  • Backlight function for night time opeartion
  • LCD contrast selection


ICOM VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M37

SKU: IC-M237


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