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Product Information.

Combing features of our high-power Flip Pro Max and 12V Power Sockets into a beautiful multi-power solution.

When not in use, the spring-loaded caps remain tightly closed, protecting the ports from the elements.


  • Universal fit for any USB-C connectors
  • Fast charge (60W max) up to 2 devices at a time
  • Supplied with a front-fit bezel kit

Marine Ready

• IPX4 waterproof with the cover closed

• UV resistant

• 316 stainless hinge and spring

Electrical Information

• 120 -150W max power 12V system only

• Input voltage: 10-30V DC (12/24V System)

• Input current Max: 6A (10A fuse recommended)

Key Information

To maximize charge performance, use the cable supplied with your tablet, phone etc. (C to C, or C-lightning) Phones charge at the same speed on either a12 or 24V system, but a 24V system must be used to get the full 60W output suitable for laptops.

Scanstrut Flip Pro Multi - Dual USB-C & 12V Power Socket